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Unique Physics of Light and Gravity (Volume-1)

Fundamental Concepts of Radiation and Gravity

LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing (2017-04-13 )

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Unique Physics of Light and Gravity, a brand new title focuses about the gaps in the theories developed by famous physicists Albert Einstein, James Clerk Maxwell, Sir Isaac Newton, Stephen Hawking, and Richard Feynman in the 20th Century. The author chooses to place emphasis on improving the understanding of readers on details of processes involved in the origin of radiation waves by depicting them as a quantum phenomena and characterized each form of radiation as a different energy entity. Furthermore, with his instinctive ideas he revealed source of forces of gravity among objects and disclosed stunning facts about the composition of matter within a black hole. After several years of extensive research the author realized that each of the physicist listed earlier left voids in their theories. Specifically, Einstein did not reveal the true reason for creation of radiation waves and described them as dual particle and wave nature. Maxwell assumed that the radiation and the light energy waves were electro-magnetic in nature. Feynman explained propagation of light through a variety of substances by developing QED principles yet did not explicate the mechanism behind origination.
LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing
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Shailesh Kadakia
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Físicas, astronomia
58.9 €
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black hole, Chandrasekhar, Doppler, Heisenberg, limit, Relativity, shift, Big Bang Theory, Skylativity Theory

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