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The Secret of Thermal Fatigue Failure Prediction

Shukla-Mehta's Algorithm for Thermal Fatigue Life Cycle Prediction of Induction Furnace Wall

Scholars' Press (2019-11-05 )

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Thermal Fatigue Failure is the most critical problem associated with any equipment working under heating and cooling cycles. Here, we have taken a case of Induction Furnace Wall and developed an Algorithm to predict life cycle. A probability concept is utilized in the prediction of life cycle to justify the miscellaneous factors effected for the damage of the induction furnace wall. An empirical correlation is developed by rational analysis which can directly predict the life cycle of the induction furnace wall for any refractory material and any size of furnace. Various dimensionless numbers are developed using different quantities which effect the life cycle of induction furnace wall using dimensional analysis. Then rational analysis is done for finding out exact correlation using experimental data available from industries. This is a very innovative research work as it will open up innovative gateways for thermal fatigue life prediction field. This empirical correlation can be even modified and tailored to solve many different thermal fatigue problems.
Scholars' Press
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Nirajkumar Mehta, Dipesh Shukla
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Engenharia mecânica, tecnologia de fabricação
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Thermal Fatigue, Failure Prediction, algorithm, Induction Furnace Wall

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