Copertina di Various Problems Due to Excess Use of Bikes at an Institute
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Various Problems Due to Excess Use of Bikes at an Institute

LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing (20.04.2016 )

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Today's world is full of competition. Peoplesacrifice many things just to be in the race.Luxury has the foremost priority in every person‟s life .This luxury of human being has lead to various problems in the society. It had caused a great threat to the environment in which we live. Solutions are necessary to be found for these problems.The complete study of surroundings at the institute lead to the knowledge of difficulties faced by the students as well as the staff and other people those who arrive at the institute for one or the other reason.Various problems faced by the bike riders as well as other personal vehicle users where keenly observed and studied thoroughly. Problems faced by the people arriving at an institute using their private vehicles are noise pollution ,air pollution ,accidents due to rush ,insufficient parking area ,improper and unmanaged parking system available at the institute,damage caused to the vehicle while parking and imparking the vehicle and excess use of the non renewable natural resources like petrol ,diesel ,CNG gas etc.
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LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing
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Tejashree Balgude, Jayashree Awati
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Ricerca sulla stratificazione sociale
39,90 €
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PUC card, Parking system, Air pollution, improved parking system

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