Copertina di Tracking the Evolution of Successful Coronal Mass Ejections CMEs
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Tracking the Evolution of Successful Coronal Mass Ejections CMEs

The Multi-Eruption Solar Energetic Particle (MESEP) Events Using Photometric & Radio Observations

LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing (05.07.2016 )

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This research is very important in space studies and the results and conclusions of this investigation is considered as a data base for space studies, especially for solar activity studies, space weather, communications and space technology. Also this study is one of the key in cosmic ray. And it is possible that the results of this approaches considered as a data base from which to develop supported space programs of international space agencies. As well as it is important to give the warnings of a risk of solar wind which hits the magnetic field of the Earth. Also the information in this book are of significant benefit to postgraduate research as an assistant reference. Note that this study depends on the observation and the data of SOHO spacecraft, specifically LASCO C2 & C3 instruments and ERNE data finder.
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LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing
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Wafaa Zaki, Amjad Al-Sawad
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Fisica, Astronomia
28,90 €
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Solar Energetic Particles SEPs, Coronal Mass Ejections CMEs-Solar Activity: Flares, SOHO-LASCO-ERNE:Data Base

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