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The Turkish Foreign Aid Program

A Helping Hand or A Snake Infested Olive Branch

AV Akademikerverlag (23.05.2012 )

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Revision with unchanged content. Foreign and developmental aid is usually distributed to lesser developed nations by developed nations such as the United States, Japan, German, and England. However it has been overlooked that some lesser developed nations have instituted aid and developmental programs such as Turkey. This study examines Turkey’s foreign aid program in an attempt to explain why Turkey has allocated aid to certain recipients in surrounding regions. Realist and idealist theories of international relations are used to evaluate the re­la­tion­ship between Turkey and recipient nations. Some of the questions examined by this work are: 1. Is Turkey more likely to provide foreign aid to countries, which are most in need of aid? 2. Is Turkey more likely to provide aid to countries where there may be potential security interests? 3. Is Turkey more likely to provide foreign aid to countries that have similar cultural charac­te­ristics? And final is Turkey more likely to provide aid to countries to pro­mote Turkey’s economic development? This book is addressed to pro­fessionals in international organizations that analyze the dynamics of political structuring and economic situations between developed nations and lesser developed nations. Therefore it can be directed toward researchers of Inter­national Relations, Political Science, Economics, Peace and Security.
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AV Akademikerverlag
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Aisha T. Bigbee
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3.803,10 руб
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Turkey, aid, Turkish Foreign Aid Program

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