Copertina di Study of Dinuclear Metal Complexes As Hydrolase Models
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Study of Dinuclear Metal Complexes As Hydrolase Models

Synthesis, structural analysis & reaction with substrate and hydroxamic acid as inhibitors

LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing (17.08.2016 )

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This book gives a concise introduction to biological inorganic chemistry, stressing on the synthesis of small molecules to mimic the active sites in hydrolase enzyme and to study their reaction with hydroxamic acids as inhibitors. It will suit students as well as researchers in the field of mimetic chemistry and hydroxamic acids chemistry. It describes a simple way to understand the reaction that happens at some hydrolase enzymes, such as ureases and aminopeptidases. Such hydrolases catalyse a wide range of chemical reactions in nature, including hydrolytic cleavage of the C-N bond of urea and guanidine, the N-terminal peptide bond of proteins, and the hydrolysis of phosphate esters, but their mechanism of action cannot be followed naturally because it happens very fast. We use model metal complexes to understand their mechanism of reaction as well as their inhibition. This book will be of value for undergraduate students who wish to understand research methodology and biomimetic chemistry. This material suits as well postgraduate students and researchers in the field of synthetic bioinorganic chemistry, who are willing to know about small molecules as model for biological system
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LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing
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Hassan Ibrahim Nimir
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Chimica inorganica
45,90 €
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cobalt, Hydrolases, Hydroxamic acids, models, Nickel, Dinuclear metal complexes, inhibition

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