Copertina di Social Capital of Iraq
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Social Capital of Iraq

Scholars' Press (27.06.2016 )

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This is the first published attempt at a systematic study of all the elements of the Social Capital of national entity in the Middle East, the modern state in transition of Iraq. The study finds that Iraq's social capital comprises the willingness of ordinary Iraqis, no matter what their ethnicity or religious affiliation may be, to come together as members of personal social networks, to give freely their combined assets of information, practical skills, time, expertise and material assets, plus their emotional support, The study provides insights into how social networks are formed, how they function at the daily grassroots level and how they adjust to Iraq's continuing social tensions. The study will be of special interest to social researchers examining Social Capital in their own communities; to Social Capital theorists; to public policy advisers and to social network and other organisational theorists and model lists looking to the social context of their theoretical directions.
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Scholars' Press
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Ban Al-Katawi
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61,90 €
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Social capital transactions, Iraqi family friends neighbours work& worship social networks, norms of reciprocity intercession respect and trust, cross-network benefits exchanges, emotional informational practical & material benefits exchanged within networks, mutual self-help in normal and intrusive violent social contexts, immediate and latent network needs, community development & improvement needs, intimate private social & public relationships, women as social capital facilitators

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