Copertina di School-community partnerships and Retention of students in schools
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School-community partnerships and Retention of students in schools

The significance of collective efforts in education

VDM Verlag Dr. Müller (30.03.2011 )

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School-community partnerships in education focus on the shared responsibility of parents, community and educators. The teaching profession today is complex. Society demands extra care from the teachers and the schools. Moreover, it is perceptible that schools cannot accomplish their mission without the collaboration with the parents and the community. Consequently, there is need to review parental and communal responsibilities towards the upbringing of children and their empowerment through education. This book is written optimistically to resuscitate the attitude of the educational stakeholders so as to guarantee retention of students in secondary schools. The education of the young should not be result oriented, but quality management whereby everybody is involved for the good of the learner. The teachers therefore need the concerted efforts of parents and the community so as to execute the noble duty of the societal builders so as to offer holistic education to children. Thus, policy makers should boost up community participation in schools; leaders offer support and sensitize parents to reassess their parental responsibilities.
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VDM Verlag Dr. Müller
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Clare Twegyesibwe
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49,00 €
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Education, school-community partnerships, retention of students in schools, collective efforts, communal responsibility

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