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Learn from Me

An exposition of the Sermon on the Mount

Blessed Hope Publishing (05.06.2017 )

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Fr. Con Buckley's book is an exciting re-appraisal and fresh exploration of the miracle, and marvelous basis for a real new Christian morality, that is Christ's Sermon of the Mount. So it should serve as a great spiritual resource for priests, religious, theologians, devout lay people, catechists, all who like a good read, and all who want to deepen their understanding of the essential joys of the faith. For this is an in-depth yet readable exploration of the greatest human document for the advancement of human happiness ever penned. The book's author shows how it is the blueprint for the transformation of the world into the perfect Kingdom Christ came to inaugurate, a Heaven on earth. Yet the author shows that it reflects all humankind's deepest aspirations, Christian and non-Christian alike, and its values have been lived by some of the great diverse heroes of our age. Hence, its relevance for our time and all time is also explored in this book, as well as the challenges it throws up for the churches, whose legitimacy and effectiveness, the author argues, is seen only when they live its values.
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Blessed Hope Publishing
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Fr Con Buckley
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Religione / Teologia
27,80 €
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this is a priestly reflection on, and elucidation of, The Sermon on the Mount, one of the main sources of Christian morality

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