Copertina di Informal Justice System In Sindh
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Informal Justice System In Sindh

LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing (09.06.2016 )

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The Jirga or feslo system is a ‘traditional system’ of justice, which is actively practiced in, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa , Baluchistan as well as in Sindh, mostly neighboring districts of Baluchistan are highly influential to maintain such old and traditional pattern to decide legal cases and quarrels. The is very much old pattern persisting since the British rule.The assertion of this research is the informal justice system in Sindh which is parallel structure of impartiality prevailed from very ancient times. The sluggish and expensive state official mechanisms have opened avenues to these casual institutions of justice mechanisms to go beyond law of state with fast resolutions. This form of alternative disputes resolution of Sindhi society leads to the suppression of masses at large. But there is no other option to the people who survive in such specified areas. Every so often victims refuse to obey such brutal verdict of Jirga or feslo system. The verdict and perform of these informal justice are prejudiced a number of times and do not meet the international standards for human beings. Tribal heads and Sardars don’t have written documents or codes to carry out such arbitration.
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LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing
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Ashique Hussain
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Ricerca sulla stratificazione sociale
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alternative dispute resolution, culture, Justice System, Tradition., gender sensitization

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