Copertina di Impact of the French Revolution Upon the Romantic Poetry
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Impact of the French Revolution Upon the Romantic Poetry

French Revolution and Romanticism

LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing (23.06.2015 )

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The book is entitled as "Impact of the French Revolution upon the Romantic Poetry" because in the last phase of eighteenth century the French Revolution would soon passed away and the romanticists were grown up gradually.this book is divided into six complete chapters such as Introduction, The poetry of the Romantic Age, Impact of the French Revolution on the poets of the earlier and later generation, Conclusion and last one is Bibliography. In the first chapter the author is discussed about contemporary social milieu,political condition and economic condition.Here also explain about the main events of the French Revolution such as the fall of Bastille, the Session of the National Assembly, the New Constitution. In the second chapter he explained about the chief characteristics of Romantic Age.The author described here about the major poets of the Romantic age (Wordsworth,Coleridge, Robert Southey,Shelley, Keats and so on.In the next chapter the author explained about the impact of the revolution on the early generation period and chapter four is described as the poets on the later generation and then conclusion. The book is completed through bibliography the last one.
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LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing
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Radhanath Mahapatra
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Lessici, enciclopedie
1.412,86 NT$
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French Revolution, Medieval, Romance, romanticism

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