Copertina di Financial crime by white-collar criminals
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Financial crime by white-collar criminals

Theories and statistical analysis

LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing (07.04.2012 )

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Criminal characteristics collected for each person included gender, age when convicted, age when committing crime, number of years in prison, court level, amount of money involved in crime, number of persons involved in crime, crime type, position level, personal income, person tax, personal wealth according to income statement, organization revenue, organization employees, private versus public sector, internal versus external detection, source of detection, corporate versus occupational crime, leader versus follower, and rotten apple versus rotten apple barrel. Most white-collar criminals are men. This is confirmed in the sample of 255 persons, which included only 20 female criminals and 235 male criminals. Thus, less than 8 percent of the white-collar crime sample from newspaper articles was women – sometimes labeled pink-collar criminals. The average jail sentence for 255 convicted white-collar criminals in Norwegian courts was 2.2 years, with a maximum of 10 years and a minimum of 15 days. The longest jail sentence of 10 years was given to a person involved in bank fraud, where millions were transferred from a rich widow’s account in Norway to a friend’s account in Dubai.
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LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing
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Petter Gottschalk
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White-collar crime; financial crime; Prison sentence; Crime victims; Corporate crime.

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