Copertina di Electron Beam Irradiated LLDPE & Silicone Rubber Blends
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Electron Beam Irradiated LLDPE & Silicone Rubber Blends

Structure-Property Relationships

LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing (22.07.2016 )

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This Book Consists of novel blend system based on LLDPE and Silicone rubber has been developed for the power cable industry as an insulating compound. Compatibilization of the immiscible blends of LLDPE and Silicone rubber has been successfully achieved using EMA copolymer as a polymeric reactive compatibilizer through reactive blending. Electron beam irradiation of these compatible blends led to further improvement in their mechanical, thermal and dielectric properties, contributing towards higher performance of these materials as insulating compounds for power cable industry. Irradiated blends have been found to exhibit superior technical properties as compared to those of the chemically crosslinked blends at all blend compositions. Electron beam crosslinking offers more advantages compaired to the chemical crosslinking such as peroxide and silane technique. The comparison of the different crosslinking method clearly illustrate that electron beam irradiation is the best option & practical to use in the industrial application. The main advantage is fast cure time of production.
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LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing
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Radhashyam Giri, Kinsuk Naskar, Golok Bihari Nando
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Tecnica chimica
69,90 €
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Dielectric properties, linear low density polyethylene, polydimethyl siloxane rubber, electron beam irradiation, phase morphology and miscibility

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