Copertina di Domestic Violence: Towards a better exit
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Domestic Violence: Towards a better exit

Reaching abused women to redefine themselves, directions and life

LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing (18.05.2010 )

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This book, based on the author''s doctoral research explores issues regarding women being abused. It raises questions to their current provisions. Using women in crisis as focus metaphors, the author explores the women''s plight and the service provider''s work which provided insightful data leading to evidence that these contradictions arise from societal values and beliefs. The women''s experience of crisis and how support is utilized are discussed. The author points to the need for refuges to offer programs and activities that help build the women''s esteem and confidence. It is paramount to include not only helping the women recover from their crisis but also to act on the causes through social and political change. Further, the author demonstrated that a wider interrelated support within the women''s ecological system is needed if domestic violence is to be addressed. These may bring insight to a brighter exit for abused women. This book may be of significant contribution to women''s abuse and the ‘perpetrators'', medical personnel, social workers, policy makers, activist and researchers who are exploring this field.
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LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing
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Da (autore):
Zabidah Putit
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Pedagogia sociale, assistenza sociale
79,00 €
Parole chiave:
domestic violence, abused women, Refuge, women in crisis, Trauma, patriarchal dominance, Qualitative Research, qualitative data, qualitative analysis, Social Policy

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