Copertina di Documentation and Analysis of 'Daboo Qotiisa Salaale'
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Documentation and Analysis of 'Daboo Qotiisa Salaale'

A form of Cooperative Work on Plowing among Farmers in Selale Oromo

LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing (23.11.2012 )

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Mutual help of one another is the value of dabo. This value should be maintained and adopted in “modern” culture which every work is measured in money wise. In countries like Ethiopia, where the human and land resources are sole for the economy, dabo is an indigenous system that accommodates both...In dabo one can observe the concept the whole is greater that the sum of its parts. TESFAYE LEGESE SEGNI, The Author The Book focuses on the cultural aspect of Ethiopia in general and the Oromo in particular, which constitutes half of the population that strives for development through cooperative approach without monetary valued.It really embarks the significance of culture on the development arena in alleviating poverty through cooperation.Keep it...TESFAYE GEBISA, EDMARK International-Independent Business partner I knew Mr. Tesfaye as a colleague when he was a teacher. He is always looking for the time to publish his works. It is a nice work. Let him keep it up. In addition he strives to upgrade himself to contribute to the development of the world. Soon I expect him with the next publications.YENEALEM GETACHEW ABOMA, Head Supervisor at Character Hallmark Academy (CHA International
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LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing
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Tesfaye Legese
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1.735,09 NT$
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Work, Cooprative, culture

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