Copertina di Discourse practices at the Stock Exchange
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Discourse practices at the Stock Exchange

A linguistic analysis and Italian translation of the IPO process

Edizioni Accademiche Italiane (31.05.2017 )

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This work focuses on the stock exchange and aims to approach financial translation to understand the main difficulties of such a technical process and try to succeed in solving problems through the development of an adequate working method. It tries to provide translators with an important set of resources that could be useful when carrying out financial translations. After an historical overview of the stock exchange throughout the centuries from the ancient Roman republic of the second century B.C. until the development of the global stock market during the twentieth century, it analyses the main features of LSPs showing possible similarities or differences with general language; special attention is given to the language of finance. Then it provides a definition of corpus linguistics putting it halfway between theory and methodology. The translation of the IPO process as a specialized text is the most significant section of such a work where attention is given to difficulties found throughout the process of translation and to the helpfulness of the comparable corpus used, trying to propose a set of valuable resources which have proved to be useful and could be recommended.
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Edizioni Accademiche Italiane
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Antonella Di Pilato
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Scienze linguistiche e letterature
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Economics, finance, Financial translation, stock exchange, technical translation, English financial translation, IPO, corpus linguistics, translation resources, history of the stock exchange

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