Copertina di Coloration of Jute Fiber
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Coloration of Jute Fiber

LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing (05.03.2015 )

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Jute is a natural cellulosic fiber obtained from the bark of jute plant. This fiber is popular due to its bio-biodegradability and better breathability. Due to the need for environmental protection, the demand of natural biodegradable and eco-friendly fibers like jute is increasing day by day. Jute can be dyed with several dye classes and each of the dye classes has its own pros an cons. This book includes the investigation on the performance of reactive and basic dyestuff regarding jute fiber dyeing. Basic dye has strong affinity to the jute fiber but the application of basic dye to jute fiber is limited due to its poor fastness to washing and rubbing. Again reactive dye is popular for the coloration of cellulosic fiber like jute due to its ease of applicability, cost and high wash fastness properties. However reactive dyeing of jute is not economical due to less dye exhaustion. The treatment of jute fiber with chitosan prior to dyeing can overcome this limitation. This book discusses the improvement of dyeability and color performance of chitosan treated jute fabric dyed with reactive dye and compared the results with the fabric dyed without chitosan treatment.
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LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing
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Muhammad Abdur Rahman Bhuiyan
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Tecnica chimica
35,90 €
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Basic dye, chitosan, Jute fiber, Reactive Dye, Dyeing performance

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