Copertina di Cluster Computing Using MPI Paradigm
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Cluster Computing Using MPI Paradigm

A Practical Approach

LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing (27.11.2012 )

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With the advent of market being flooded with cheaper processing power and memory, there is a revolutionary shift from developing a single high end machine to combining cheaper and commercial machines to serve the same purpose. In the interest of said proposition clusters have been the most effective option. This book focuses on formulating and implementing simpler ways for homogeneous, private, high-performance, Beowulf clustering environment, where in the nodes thus connected and configured collectively execute a bigger task by breaking it up into processes, and each such process run in parallel. The task gets distributed on various nodes through processes and the final result is obtained at a master node form where the original task was submitted. The Beowulf clustering environment is setup on Red Hat Linux and Ubuntu Linux, both using the MPICH2 message passing interface. A part of book also focuses on cluster setup using OSCAR tool. Concepts of virtualization are also applied to these clusters. A rigorous performance analysis of the cluster setup is made and performance gain is explained.
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LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing
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Tadrash Shah, Neel Patel, Nishidh Chavda
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68,00 €
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High Performance Computing, clusters, mpi, cluster computing, Beowulf, Oscar, Message Passing, Advanced Computing, MPICH

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