Copertina di Austempered Ductile Iron: Processing and Mechanical Properties
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Austempered Ductile Iron: Processing and Mechanical Properties

LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing (17.04.2015 )

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Even since its discovery in 1948, the use of ductile iron is increasing continuously, this is due to the combination of its various excellent mechanical properties. Excessive amount of research is being carried out to develop even better properties. Austempererd ductile iron is the most recent development in the area of ductile iron or S.G. iron. This is formed by an isothermal heat treatment of the ductile iron. The newly developed austempered ductile iron is now replacing steel in many fields so it has becoming very important to various aspects of this material. In the present work the effect of copper along with the process variables (austempering temperature and austempering time) on the properties (Hardness, Tensile strength and Elongation) and microstructure of ductile iron is studied. With increasing austempering time hardness, tensile strength and elongation are increasing but with increasing austempering temperature hardness and tensile strength are decreasing and elongation increasing. Austempered ductile iron with copper is showing some higher strength, hardness and lower elongation than the austempered ductile iron without copper. In microstructure ferrite is increasing
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LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing
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Ranjit Kumar Panda, Jyoti Prakash Dhal, S. C. Mishra
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54,90 €
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austenite, mechanical properties, austempering, ductile iron, Ferrite

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