Copertina di Arsenic Hyperaccumulation by Pteris vittata and P. ensiformis (Ferns)
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Arsenic Hyperaccumulation by Pteris vittata and P. ensiformis (Ferns)

Impact on Growth, Anatomy and Spore viability

LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing (20.09.2016 )

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The problem of Arsenic contaminations of soil and water has been a major global environmental concern due to its high degree of toxicity. Some plant species regarded as hyperaccumulators have been reported in many Countries to successfully remediate this arsenic. However, there is paucity of information on the hyperaccumulation status of Pteris vittata and P. ensiformis in Nigeria. This book therefore reported the arsenic hyperaccumulation and phytoremediation potentials of these ferns after been subjected for twelve (12) weeks to different concentrations of arsenic contaminated soils. It also elucidated the effects of arsenic on the growth,anatomy of leaflets and stipes as well as the spore viability of these two plants. The results showed that P. vittata accumulated up to 64132 ppm arsenic in the root and 65747 ppm in the frond in all the treatments while P. ensiformis accumulated up to 15662 ppm in the root and 15120 ppm in the frond. The total arsenic accumulation was greater in P. vittata than in P. ensiformis. The negative effect of arsenic on the anatomy of P. vittata was minimal compared to P. ensiformis. P. vittata is therefore a good hyperaccumulator of arsenic.
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LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing
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Gbenga Akomolafe, Fatai Oloyede
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49,90 €
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arsenic, Growth, Hyperaccumulation, pteris vittata and pteris ensiformis

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