Copertina di A Reference Book CATALYSIS Volume - I
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A Reference Book CATALYSIS Volume - I

special reference to catalytic reactions and applications

LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing (29.09.2013 )

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This references book is launched in two volumes- A reference book on Catalysis Volume – I Special Reference to catalytic reactions and applications, A reference book on Catalysis Volume – II Special Reference to metal complexes & Hydrogenation. The main features of this book are to present the core information on the subject in an easily accessible format that is ideally suited to readers understanding. This book substantially enriches our knowledge in the field of catalytic chemistry and as a consequence of this, not only the new and efficient catalysts are being discovered but the new concepts of catalyst are also come in to the picture. The key features are : Basic principle of catalysis, Classification and importance of catalysts. Various types of Catalytic reactions, role of transition metal complexes as catalysts, catalytic hydrogination reactions. Experimental and measurement techniques for catalytic reactions. Normal pressure and high pressure reaction set-up. Because this volume of the book, is totally related with the basic of catalysis, type of catalytic reactions and applications. So it may beneficial to U.G.,P.G. and Ph.D researchers.
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LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing
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Priyanka Sagar
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4.871,83 руб
Parole chiave:
catalysis, classification of catalysts, applications of catalytic reactions, Energetics of catalysis

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