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Omni badge European Union Bill Vol. 1

Source Book Edition: Current Political Debates of the UK Parliament (55th Parliament vol.1)

Politics and economics

Dictus Publishing (2011-11-12) - ISBN-13: 978-3-8454-6718-4

59.00 €
Omni badge Conflicts, Geopolitics and Asia Volume 1: 2010-12

A Short Diary of Notes from the Region

Politics and economics

Dictus Publishing (2013-07-11) - ISBN-13: 978-3-8473-8696-4

43.80 €
Omni badge Aspetti economici del Trattato di Pace del 10 febbraio 1947

La storia italiana e la storia francese si confondono nella vicenda ancora attuale delle centrali della Valle Roja

Politics and economics

Edizioni Accademiche Italiane (2018-03-12) - ISBN-13: 978-620-2-08391-1

49.90 €
Omni badge 2008–10 California Budget Crisis

California, Budget crisis, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Democratic Party (United States), Republican Party (United States)

Politics and economics

Dign Press (2011-06-16) - ISBN-13: 978-613-6-68372-0

49.00 €
Omni badge Where UNSC Resolution 1325 fears to tread

Sexual Violence, Structural Violence and the Political Economy of conflict

Politics and economics

LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing (2013-02-23) - ISBN-13: 978-3-659-35466-3

35.90 €
Omni badge 150 ans de politique des transports en France

Histoire de la politique des transports terrestres de marchandises en France depuis le milieu du XIXème siècle

Politics and economics

Editions universitaires europeennes (2015-12-10) - ISBN-13: 978-3-8416-7747-1

58.90 €
Omni badge Wählen mit 16

Sind die Jugendlichen reif dafür?

Politics and economics

VDM Verlag Dr. Müller (2008-07-09) - ISBN-13: 978-3-639-05030-1

49.00 €
Omni badge U.S. Immigration, 1833-1965

Amalgam of Ideals, Nativism and Foreign Policy

Politics and economics

Hakodesh Press (2019-01-18) - ISBN-13: 978-3-639-79517-2

19.80 €
Omni badge Reciprocity Treaty of 1875

Kingdom of Hawaii, Pearl Harbor, Sugar plantations in Hawaii

Politics and economics

StruPress (2012-01-01) - ISBN-13: 978-613-9-26076-8

39.00 €
Omni badge The Paris 1919 Peace Settlement and the Balkan geopolitical realities

A small survey on post WWI geopolitical reshuffle of the Balkans and its` contemporary consequences and determinants

Politics and economics

LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing (2020-04-28) - ISBN-13: 978-620-2-52024-9

71.90 €
Omni badge Die Beziehungen zwischen der BRD und Polen nach 1945

Analyse und Bilanz der bilateralen Beziehungen

Politics and economics

VDM Verlag Dr. Müller (2010-09-05) - ISBN-13: 978-3-639-28795-0

68.00 €



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