Bookcover of Voyage planning, seafarers' competencies and watchkeeping procedures

Voyage planning, seafarers' competencies and watchkeeping procedures

in the restricted sea areas, in the narrow channels and sharp bend fairways

LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing (2019-05-13 )

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The purpose and scope of this paper is to outline the best practices regarding the watchkeeping procedures, seafarers' competencies and voyage planning in the restricted sea areas, when piloting the vessel and turning the ship in the narrow channels and sharp bend fairways. The author describes the basic principles concerning the navigational equipment settings, their data reliability and limitations. He presents the method that can be used for the classification of the sea areas and estimating the safety of navigation by means of the turning circle diagram, Wheelhouse Poster, Sea Trials Report, ROT technique, Pivot point knowledge and the author’s own concept with his new model of the navigational risk assessment. He also describes the factors to consider when determining the ship’s domain parameters. He explains how to use the ship’s domain model to estimate the safety of navigation and navigational risk in the restricted sea areas, including the best practices for the passage planning, dead reckoning and position fixing and monitoring. He uses the systematic approach to the ship’s operation in the aspect of estimating its safety when navigating in the restricted waters.
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LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing
By (author) :
Grzegorz Rutkowski
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57.90 €
Sea transportation, passage planning, Weather Routing, route monitoring, dead reckoning, position fixing and monitoring, ship’s domain, under keel clearance, overhead clearance, chart datum, safety of shipping, safety of navigation, sea area difficult for navigation, navigational risk, risk of collisions, obstruction, hazard, navigation, seamanship, knowledge, skill, Competences, piloting, manoeuvring, ship handling, bridge resource management, bridge team management, charts vector and raster, motion true & relative, vectors true & relative, sea stabilized mode, ground stabilized mode, ship’s water track & bottom track, ship’s trajectory, course made good, steering course, pilot card, wheelhouse poster, sea trials report, ship’s speed, ship’s track, turning circle diagram, Transfer, Advance, Pivot Point, SET, drift, leeway, ship’s velocity, Radar, ARPA, ECDIS, ECS, CATZOC, ENC, CPA, TCPA, BCR, BCT, PI, CTW, STW, COG, SOG, Rot

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