Bookcover of Solar-Wind Hybrid Renewable Energy for Sustainable Agriculture

Solar-Wind Hybrid Renewable Energy for Sustainable Agriculture

LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing (2016-10-03 )

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The use of non-renewable energy systems for agriculture in remote areas has brought up lots of disadvantages to the environment as well as the public.In order to encounter this problem a stirling engine system,which utilizes the solar energy as its resources and releases no exhaust to the environment is proposed throughout the present book.The hybrid renewable energy systems are becoming popular as stand -alone power syst- ems for providing electricity in remote areas due to advances in renewable energy technologies and subsequent rise in prices of petroleum prod- ucts. A hybrid energy system,usually consists of two or more renewable energy sources used together to provide increased efficiency. In this concern, renewable energy system such as solar and wind can be used successfully in rural locations where grid connection is not possible. Since hybrid systems include both solar & wind, they allow the power user to benefit from the advantage of both forms of energy. Obviously, solar panels don’t provide power during the night,but that’s when the wind usually picks up and conversely,on the longest, hottest days of days of summer,the wind often doesnt blow, but sun is at its weakest.
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LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing
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Fouad A. S. Soliman
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Electronics, electro-technology, communications technology
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