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Step By Step On My Way

Spiritual Autobiography

Editions universitaires europeennes (21-05-2018 )

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“Step by Step on my Way” is the other aspect of my biography which explains the causal links between the facts that I lived. Here I review all that I consider to be part of the thread of my spiritual evolution. It is a flashback to identify the turning points which in reality are causality links between multiple coincidences which have characterized my course of life. Since I have lived more than 32 years in exile, many people have asked me whether I was ready to forget and forgive, to make a clean sweep of the past. My answer is this simple: putting myself into the context of the immortality of the soul, 32 years mean nothing compared to the eternity. And for that, even the paradise where each of us is aspiring to live is a world which is out of space and time. Moreover, with the little knowledge that I have gathered from spiritual laws, I resign from taking someone responsible for what has happened to me. Convinced that I have already turned indefinitely on the wheel of reincarnation following karma that I have been dragging since the beginning of time, my ultimate goal is to end this cycle and not to return to the material to continue my way back to God.
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Editions universitaires europeennes
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Hon. Tabu Abdallah Manirakiza
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Autres religions
43.90 €
réincarnation, spiritualité, karma, autobiography, Hon. Tabu Abdallah Manirakiza

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