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Raw Chocolate Desserts Recipe Book

The secret to eat what you really want and not gain weight

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Are you ready for some intense experiences in the kitchen with me? I guess if you're reading this, it's probably because you're a big chocolate lover, like me! And you're right because cacao is really good for you. Life is just too short not to enjoy the best of it. And I deeply believe chocolate is part of it. But life is also too precious to spend crazy hours in the kitchen trying to make something look and taste good. This is why my main goal, through this book, is to give you easy and quick recipes to prepare that actually taste fabulous and are good for you. And you'll see, even if it might sometimes look a bit fancy, all you need is to be able to put things in your blender, pour mixtures into containers and enjoy yourself in the process. That's all my friend! So, if that sounds good to you, you're in for a real treat... In this book, you'll find over 65 easy and delicious recipes that don't contain much fructose or toxic and inflammatory ingredients. There is no more reason to skip dessert...
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Éditions Vie
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Pauline Hanuise
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